A city under glass. A girl under pressure. When bodies start piling up, which one                               will break first?

Sixteen-year-old Ember Vinata is devastated by her mother’s mysterious death. But in a disease-free domed metropolis where happiness is electronically monitored and enforced, expressing her grief means expulsion. And when strange prophetic dreams compel her to investigate, the only person who can help her is a smoking-hot government agent.


When they trace the source of the fatal illness, Ember is stunned to discover her mother might not be the only victim. And when her new boyfriend appears to be torn between seeking justice and remaining loyal to his oaths, she fears there is no one she can trust.


Will Ember’s quest for the truth spark revolution?


Rising Up is the thrilling first book in The Tranquility YA dystopian sci-fi series. If you like feisty heroines, chilling societies, and taking on the Big Bad, then you’ll love Tanya Ross’s raw crusade.


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