Where, or where, did you get those names?

One of the most exciting aspects of being a writer is to create. I can create anything. It's my world--my people. So, I get to NAME everyone. Pretty cool!

So, why did I choose the names I did in RISING UP for these amazing characters?

Well, I can't divulge the reason for the characters' first names. It would be a spoiler if you haven't read the book.

But the last names? Most come from Latin. Yes, Latin---that archaic language. I dragged it into the future for my own crafty purposes.

Ember Vinata is the only one whose last name is not Latin. It is Indian. It means "humble."

Will? His last name is Verus. It means "authentic, genuine, honest." Pretty good character analysis.

Xander Noble, the 3rd character in the trio of friends--well, it's Latin, but it really means the same thing as it does in English. Noble. It was meant to be an ironic name for this character.

There are more fun reasons for the names in Rising Up. Next time...



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